Full fridge, full heart? Well, kind of.

To explain — the happiness I feel waking up to a refrigerator filled with the prettiest Organic Pharmer organic cold pressed juices, infused nut milks, smoothies, soups, and prepared plant-based snacks and meals is palpable. Yes, it means I’ll be fueling my body with high quality, nutrient dense foods for the next five days, but it also means disrupting the endless, sometimes stressful, cycle of food shopping, cooking, clean-up and decision making around food. It’s estimated that we make 200 food decisions each and every day? Sound crazy? It’s not. Just take a look at all the energy that goes into thinking about your morning brew. Will you have coffee or tea? Will you have it hot? Iced? Maybe a latte? Will you add Milk? Soy milk? Nut milk? What kind of nut milk? Maybe you’ll take it black? How much will you drink? Will you have it at home, take it on the road, or grab a cup at work? All this energy expended, and we haven’t even addressed breakfast yet! It feels really good to take a mental break from food decisions, yet know you’re still eating in a way that supports your health.


What does everyone want to know when they learn I am doing this 5 day program?

How is the food?

How am I feeling?

Are you hungry?

Obviously, none of it works if the food isn’t good, or I’m feeling hungry, stressed and unsatisfied. The good news is —

The food is delicious, generously portioned, filling, and there’s enough variety to keep you excited about what you’re eating. We’re talking about big Greek salads with almond milk feta; house-made coconut yogurt and granola; Mushroom & Kale Frittatas, Spring pea and basil soup, kale and cauliflower Caesar salad; cacao chia pudding. I’m also a fan of the cold pressed juices and infused nut milks on the program.

I’m feeling energized, and excited to be eating well and taking good care of myself. It feels really empowering to start the day with a refreshing, all greens juice, and end it with a warm, calming nut milk.

I’m not hungry at all. In fact, yesterday I forgot to have the bridge snack between lunch and dinner. Oops.

Yes! I’m off to a strong start. Thankful for this little self-imposed intervention. I’m feeling more grounded here on Day 2. Hope you continue to follow along this week!